Friday, June 12, 2009


After a VERY late start today (like... 1:00?), I looked for apartments for a few hours on that Mandarin web site that Raphael showed me. Then I met with him, walked around a little, bought and ate some things from a bakery even though I shouldn't have, and checked my apartment choices/followed up with Raphael's help. I can now recognize (but not write all of) the characters for "washing machine," "air conditioning," "internet," "not possible," and "natural gas." I found three apartments and made appointments to look at them. One guy spoke English, another didn't but I had Raphael's help, and I worked out the third almost entirely by myself. I went to see that last one earlier tonight; it's a bit dirty (not too bad compared to this past year's dorm, I guess), doesn't have a washing machine, and might require more air conditioning use than usual because it's on the sixth floor. So I'm holding out for visits to the two others, tomorrow and the next day. Besides that, I had a failed meeting with my third and final language exchange partner; bought a planner; and am now (2 AM) watching the original Terminator on TV. Le fin!

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