Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Road Goes Ever On and On

We won this morning's debate!

The opposition, to be honest, was disappointingly weak - but then again, we didn't dominate them nearly as much as we should have, so it's good that we had a softball to start with and test our weak points. Add another 20 or so hours throughout this coming week and we'll be ready for the second round - quarter-finals - next Saturday morning.

Last night I could barely fall asleep despite how exhausted I was, and when I finally did it was with the words of my speech echoing in my head; when I woke up in the morning, I was silently singing the lyrics of our mini song-presentation. But when we actually got on stage... well, 30 minutes seems shockingly short when you've prepared for over 30 hours.

The slightly bitter portion of all of this is that this coming week is also midterms at ACC, and our director seems entirely convinced that the two (now three!) students attending debate prep can simultaneously prepare 3 new lessons, 2 oral tests, and a written test... we're going to see if we can get her to waive at least one of the oral portions in favor of us becoming awesome debaters instead.

Tomorrow I think I'm the one picking our next topic out of a hat... hopefully it's a good one, we're on the side with the advantage, and we're not facing a killer school full of near-fluent Koreans like BLCU (the one I was at this summer, where the Harvard program is). Lotta pressure... but I volunteered. I'm feeling lucky.

I'm also really hoping I can be the 4th speaker next time; to be honest I think I'd do it better than the current 4th speaker (my classmate), and it'd also be much more fun than memorizing a story. Unless it's a really excellent story.

Going to sleep for two hours at the very least,


  1. Over rock and under tree...
    Under cloud and under star...


  2. Congrats!!! Man, this is getting exciting. =)