Thursday, February 3, 2011


Originally meant to write a real blog post, but got engrossed in my own blog's page visit statistics.

Fun facts:

1. October had the most visits, followed closely by July.
2. Most people who are referred to my blog (by a link on another site) find it through Yale's Light Fellowship site.
3. Others find it by searching for "steppe" on Google Images Japan and coming across one of the photos I took in Inner Mongolia. (I tried and failed to replicate this search result. They must have been looking pretty closely for just the right steppe photo.)
4. Most common search keyword that has led to the discovery of my blog: various formulations of "strove with gods" (19). "Taiwantown" comes in a far second with 2 hits.
5. Page visits are mostly from the U.S. (2,600+ views, over 60% of the total), with (in order) Chile, Mexico, France, and Switzerland breaking 100 views each. I don't know anyone in Chile or Switzerland.
6. My visitors are mostly Mac users browsing with Safari. Public service announcement: Download Firefox!

In an attempt to regularize my life, the blog will now be updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays - my evening, your morning.


  1. I was reading from CERN, so that's Switzerland for you.

  2. I forgot to mention those two weeks I spent in Chile hunting down el chupacabras – your blog was a great inspiration to me during that trying time.