Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Very Brief Update: $$$ and omnomnoms

A few days ago, a surprise source parachuted in to assist me with my monetary woes: the IRS. My mini bailout came in the form of a $400 tax credit, which was automatically doled out to eligible taxpayers this year. (The bad news is that I now know I could have applied for it last year too... Excuse me as I kick myself for insisting on doing the whole damn form by hand.)

This leaves me a bit more at ease about the whole Zambia thing, to the extent that I think I’m ready to start dealing with tickets and visas this weekend. After hearing in the negative from four of the scholarships I applied to, I’m still waiting on another three; if I don’t get those, then I’m going to kick it into high gear and secure myself some decent-paying work by fair means or foul. (Considering my visa, it’s all foul, isn’t it...) A total of 25 extra hours – and that isn’t much if you think about it – should be quite enough to allow me to take the hotel job offer, assuming I get things sorted soon-ish.

In other news, this week saw the opening of my “visit every shop and restaurant nearby” project, which I can proudly say has already resulted in the discovery of the best dinner deal in these parts.

Delightedly yours,


  1. What are you eating?

  2. Good news and the IRS in the same sentence?! Well, you deserve it for all the good Karma you've been putting into the universe. =)