Monday, June 11, 2012

all the things I don't have time to say


This is not the introductory post of the trip; this is the pre-introductory post, because in the four fantastic and challenging days that we've been on the road, I really haven't had the time or the facilities to blog. We took a rest day today, which I was planning to take advantage of in order to write the first cross-country entry; but we got bogged down with bike-, food-, and medical- related errands, and the Benadryl I took a few hours ago is doing its level best to knock me out. So, I hope that a few pictures of the beginning of our journey will suffice for now. Voila Virginia Beach:

After dipping our wheels in the Atlantic, we're ready to ride.

Steve, in particular, is ready to ride.

But we already miss Virginia Beach.

More to come the next time we get to stay in a house (hopefully 2-3 days from now).

I hope nobody was really looking forward to a detailed introductory blog post.

America is great. (Ref:


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