Sunday, July 8, 2012

rest day in Plano

We've taken a rest day in Plano, Texas - in the Dallas area - and had a ton of fun, but managed to accomplish even less than we usually do on rest days. I still have to wash my clothes, figure out how to file an insurance claim for my camera, go through receipts to square away finances with Steve, buy new tubes in case of flats, print out our directions to Amarillo, gather up the explosion of stuff that I've thrown around, and pack it back into my panniers.

Long story short: there will be no blog entry tonight. There MIGHT be one tomorrow night - we're planning a short day to Denton, TX, and hoping to couchsurf there - but I can't make any promises. In the meantime, here's an action shot to tide you over:

Also, although I hope to never again ride this many miles in a single day (at least, not on this trip), I am pretty proud of our July 4 ride from Ruston, Louisiana into Longview, Texas; so I'm going to end with the stats from that day's trip:

July 4 ride stats --
Miles: 147
Time on the road: 15 hours
Cycling time: 11 hours 53 minutes
Calories consumed: >5,000

And as it turns out... we're almost halfway to the west coast! San Francisco suddenly seems so much more accessible than it once did.

I hope to update you as soon as I can with a bit more substance. But blogging requires both time and a computer, and that's one combination of amenities that we rarely find ourselves with. So we encourage The People to subscribe to e-mail updates from this blog and continue with their daily lives until such time as they receive a notification that a new post has been written. After all, we know that The People are very busy, and won't take kindly to refreshing The Blog every hour to no avail.

Until then (more than a few hours from now),

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