Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's Good News

I just found out today that Michael and Cat - my older brother and his girlfriend, respectively - will be visiting Beijing for six days in May! I'm at least as excited as you can imagine, and I've already begun thinking about what I'll be taking them to see, eat, and do. Those of you who follow their blog might also find this a good opportunity for a new glimpse of Beijing -- I know I must be notorious by now for my resistance to taking photos and familiarity-bred failure to highlight the things that would interest people who have never been here.

In other good news:
  • I'm starting what seems to be an excellent new consulting/English editing gig tomorrow
  • I'm pretty much completely back on track in terms of my daily Grand Plan (TM) v4.0; I even exercised today for the first time in almost six months!
  • The weather, recently polluted and cold, seems to be taking a turn for the better.
  • I'm halfway through two blog posts, both of which I think all of you will like. Look for the first on Wednesday and the second this coming weekend.
  • I just discovered that Old Bike, this Western-style cafe that gets a lot of ACC patronage every semester, has terrible service and mediocre desserts but also the best foosball table I've ever seen outside of my own basement back home. 
  • I just bought 14 small mangoes for less than $1 USD.

Be happy,

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  1. Awesome! I agree that taking relatives and friends around your adopted country is amazingly fun. Enjoy.

    Grand Plan v4.0 ... we need an iPhone app for that!